Our Story

In 2017, while living in Cape Town, we came to realize that “we are what we eat”! 

Employment considerations necessitated us to return to Gauteng in February 2020. We started our family business, called EBB Propman, shortly thereafter during the first COVID-19 lockdown with (1) a view to consolidate & expand on our residential property portfolio & (2) be able to explore an opportunity with Kulture Yoghurt which we could no longer consume as it was only available in Cape Town.

In our corporate logo you will notice the letters QCD. These are the pillars of our business and stand for quality (product & service), cost & delivery – focused on customer satisfaction. They are supporting a bumble bee which scientifically should not be able to fly when comparing the body mass to the wing size, but we have included this in our logo to remind ourselves that nothing is impossible. 

wilken wellness ebb propman icon

 In order to bring focus we developed the Wilken Wellness brand. Our younger son, Kevyn, is employed in the company with the rest of us supporting him as required. Bryan, our eldest, is primarily responsible for the marketing with our daughter, Caryn, looking after the admin and finances. Mom, Debbie, backs up our sales efforts. The head of the family, Malcolm, is the glue with special focus on the logistic challenges. 

In November 2020 we started with the distribution of Kulture Yoghurt and have since added Good Gut Kefir Water, Pure Cure CBD water & Mr. Pukkah’s sauces to our portfolio. We distribute these products, from the CT based FMCG manufacturers, to retailers in Gauteng & surrounding provinces with Superspar stores currently forming the bulk of our customer base. At this stage; we have in excess of 30 active stores with more being added weekly. We will expand at a rate that we can manage without compromising any of our core values. The relationships continue to evolve with us recently adding the logistics in Gauteng for all product to our value-add offering. 

Our presence has resulted in improved customer service for each brand in our portfolio and has allowed the customer to order in smaller quantities as we are in most stores weekly. As the number of products, we offer increases it allows us to apportion the logistics costs over a broader base. It also allows us to entrench the relationships we have with the individual stores; this is not limited to the owner or manager as the packer is often the most influential person. We have the experience, energy, resources and passion to place natural wellness products on the shelves for your enjoyment and benefit. 

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