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Pure Cure CBD Water

CBD is one of the many exogenous cannabinoids synthesized from Cannabis and Hemp plants. It’s popularity and usage has been exploding in the mainstream and more uses of CBD are being discovered every day. CBD works by activating an endogenous system in our bodies known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is comprised mostly of CB1 and CB2 receptor sites. CBD works by activating or inactivating these receptor sites.

The ECS is like any other system in our body i.e. lymphatic, endocrine etc. It regulates our mood, sensation of pain, and inflammation as well as immune function. Consuming CBD is

thought to have a regulatory balancing effect on our ECS and therefore can promote recovery and a general sense of well-being and harmony.

The formulations used by us offer advantages through delivering a higher portion of consumed active ingredients directly into the bloodstream and avoiding digestive degradation. What this means is that you are getting close to 100% of the active CBD you consume. Compared to 10-30% with CBD oil products. A direct effect of bio-availability is the enhanced permeation and retention effect (EPR), which means you can start feeling therapeutic effects much faster than a standard oil formulation.

All in all, more of the active CBD is transferred to the bloodstream achieving a much faster onset. No one wishes to wait an hour to relieve anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation or fall asleep. Medicine should work fast and be effective, which is what we offer you.

Other Ingredients: Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Cane, Sugar, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid

Our suspensions will have a clear to translucent appearance. This measurement is known as the polydisperse index (PDI) and is a measurement of optical clarity. Our nanoemulsions rank under 0.2 which is ultra clear. This value is also a “sniff test” of particle size. The smaller a particle is, the less it will scatter light, which produces turbidity or cloudiness. When you incorporate our product into your formulations, there will be no optical change perceptible.

Just as the effects of Nano are amplified, so is the taste. By working with source materials such as full spectrum and broad spectrum distillates, the entourage of terpenes and phytocannabinoids can help create a more robust flavor profile. Expect a linear correlation between the effects and the taste when using Nano based products ie Nano is more bitter than traditional oils. You can “taste the potency”. But dissolved in a flavored drink or a large ratio liquid to Nano, it will dilute the bitterness.

Our products are shelf stable for 1 year and will remain as stable as the formulation they are infused into. We recommend avoiding exposure of any cannabinoids to UV light as it can degrade the precious CBD molecules. This is true with any active ingredients, Nano or oil based.

Pure Cure proudly use only the cleanest third party tested CBD products in their emulsified formulations. They also are proud to offer flexibility for brands dedicated to preserving the quality of their established supply chains and sources.

Good Gut Water Kefir

Derived from the Turkish word Keyif meaning ‘feel good’, kefir is a fermented beverage bursting with natural goodness. Traditionally, kefir (pronounced “kuh-feer”) is made from milk that is fermented. But what about water kefir? This dairy-free, vegan alternative is made by fermenting water with kefir grains, a combination of lactic acid, bacteria, and yeasts. The term kefir grains simple comes from the way they look (similar to a gel-like grain) – they’re not actual grains. Water kefir might be trendy now, but it’s actually a health drink that has been enjoyed in many countries for many generations.

Water kefir and other fermented / or cultured foods can help you to bring back a balance between the good and the bad yeast and also bacteria in the gut. Kefir also contains loads of probiotics that are essential to gut health.

No. The water kefir grain’s “feeds” on sugar and in return it creates the probiotics and alive digestive enzymes. The sugar is fermented out through the process, therefore the sugar content is low. Water kefir is alive and therefore it can vary from batch to batch. Temperature and time also play a part in the fermentation process, and therefore sugar content can vary from batch to batch. We always aim to have our beverages very low. If the kefir is too sweet for you just take it out of the fridge and leave it outside the fridge (NOT IN DIRECT UV LIGHT OR IN THE SUN, this will cause the cultures to die). The fermentation process will start speeding up again and it will consume more of the sugar. Over fermentation and incorrect storage can lead to traces of alcohol.

Kefir is completely natural so you can drink any given amount. As with all things in life, too much of a good thing can sometimes lead to some unexpected consequences! It’s best to start with ½ a cup on the first day. The good bacteria will overtake the bad bacteria, and the more you drink there may be a possibility of “looseness ”. Please note that if this happens it’s only for the first day and also doesn’t happen to everyone. After 1 day you can drink as much as you want.

Yes, fermented foods (water kefir is considered a fermented food) are considered functional foods. These foods offer vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pre-digested nutrients, minerals and billions of live probiotics. Probiotic supplements contain just one or a select variety of bacteria and that’s usually that. It’s better to eat something beneficial in its “whole food “form whenever possible.

Both have excellent health benefits and help promote healthy gut bacteria. Water kefir and kombucha are similar, because they both use a live culture to ferment. However, the probiotic strains are different in each culture. Water kefir is water fermented with sugars and the water kefir culture. Kombucha is tea fermented with sugars and the kombucha culture.

Good Gut water kefir can be enjoyed by almost everyone, of all ages. Because each bottle contains billions of living probiotics, we recommend a smaller serving size for children under ten years old. Pregnant women should steer clear of fermented beverages, as well as people with a histamine intolerance or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Keep your water kefir refrigerated to avoid re-fermentation and over-carbonation. Keep in mind that this is a living and carbonated beverage. Avoid shaking before opening, and always open slowly as the contents are under pressure.

Kulture Yoghurt

Kulture yoghurts are a totally natural product aimed at the health conscious consumer and is a set yoghurt. The Double cream (Greek style) is a stirred yoghurt.

Their products do not have powders or starches added or any form of chemical preservatives. The double cream products are manually strained  and no gums or thickener’s or emulsifiers are added.

Kulture yoghurts are diabetic friendly as the sugar content is very low and they do not add any additional sugars during the manufacturing process.

The double cream yoghurt has a protein power punch made from the milk itself. No whey or protein powders are added.

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